Magic of Memoir Results are In!

When I began writing my memoir, more than twenty years ago, I did not anticipate how challenging the work would be. I also did not expect to learn so much about the value of adversity, the power of humanity, and the beauty of compassion. And while I wrote and blundered my way through many unusable early drafts, I learned, without being fully cognizant of it, how to become a better writer.

Now, so many years later, my memoir, Running into the Night is finally nearing a publication date. I can't help but feel as if the stars have aligned in my favor. I can attest to the fact that there is magic in memoir, but there is also magic in opportunities presenting themselves when you need them most.

I feel incredibly grateful that my Magic of Memoir essay was well received and that it will be published along with 34 other essays by courageous and talented memoir writers. I am grateful too, for the opportunity to share, not only, my memoir, but the challenges and lessons I learned while writing it. What a perfect way to near the end of my memoir writing journey. To come full circle in reflecting on the challenges of a difficult start in life, with the challenges of storytelling.